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Nurturing children - What does the research tell us?



In the UK we have just had a family Justice Review that was anti fathers. Much of this opposition was based on Australian research so I have returned to this forum to get a handle on how reliable this information maybe.

In particular there was a 'briefing report' called 'Caring for children after parental separation: would legislation for shared parenting time help children? by Belinda Fehlberg Bruce Smyth Mavis Maclean and Ceridwen Roberts.

It included the passage;-

There is recent and increasing evidence that shared time arrangements present particular risks for children in three main contexts. These are
when mothers express on-going safety concerns,
where there is high on-going parental conflict and
when children are very young or some combination of these.

This sounds very much like a pseudo Bowlby approach ie a return to the discredited theory of 'maternal deprivation, to children.

Would others agree?


Dr John Bowlby, Biography: THE LEGACY - PART THREE

Kingsley Miller is the author of 'even Toddlers Need Fathers', a critique of the principle of 'Maternal Deprivation' as applied in family courts, which Professor Sir Michael Rutter described as an, 'interesting and informative guide'. He has also received a letter from Buckingham Palace stating, 'It was thoughtful of you to enclose a copy of your book 'even Toddlers Need Fathers' and Her Majesty has noted your concerns'.
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