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Collecting Funds for the cause

Jim has been getting some businesses behind him

The NZ-FATHERS-Coalition / HandsOnEqualParent Organisatiuon has listed the following methods of funds collection             
       Prepaid Envelopes - $275-0 per 500 - Cheques made out to
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"Pete's Post" - Mainly to distribute Contact-BOOKS to those promoting the; **NZ-FATHERS-Coalition**

       Nation-Wide BOTHERING - Cheques made out to "BP Connect Birkenhead" - Petrol vouchers for Sign Written Vehicles promoting the; **NZ-FATHERS-Coalition**

       Coalition signs on More vans - Cheques made out to "Visign Graphs Ltd" - Sample following

       Vans Maintenance - Cheques made out to "Highbury Garage" - Maintenance for Sign Written Vehicles promoting the;


       MEGAPhones and maintenance on more vehicles promoting the;

      **NZ-FATHERS-Coalition** Cheques made out to - Mike Barlow Auto Electrical Ltd

       Internet/Tolls for those promoting the **NZ-FATHERS-Coalition** Cheques made out to "Slingshot"

       FULL page Nation-Wide advertising including YOUR services / YOUR ORG for those promoting the;

      **NZ-FATHERS-Coalition**  - Cheques made out to "NZHerald"

       Keep the photocopier/printer going and develop Power Point presentations - Cheques made out to "Connect NZ"

Has anyone got any innovative ideas to help Jim and his groups put together additional ideas for additional funding to help the protests?

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