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Parents ordered to change girl's Talula Does the Hula name

What some dumb parents do!

Parents ordered to change girl's Talula Does the Hula name
By New Zealand correspondent Kerri Ritchie

Posted Thu Jul 24, 2008 12:00pm AEST

A New Zealand judge has ordered that the parents of an eight-year-old girl change her name, saying it is highly embarrassing and makes the child a target for ridicule.

The girl, who lives in New Plymouth on the west coast of the north island, is named "Talula Does the Hula From Hawaii".

The Family court was told that the child is so mortified she has not told any of her friends her real name.

Judge Robert Murfitt ruled that the name was a social disability.

The girl's parents have separated and she has been placed under the court's guardianship while a new name is selected.

Judge Murfitt says he is appalled by the judgement of some parents.

He says in New Zealand there are children called Midnight Chardonnay, Number 16 Bus Shelter and Violence.

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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That's only her first name just wait till you hear the middle name.

It's a bit reminiscent of parent who name their kids after a complete soccer team and totally makes me think of the old Johnny Cash standard ' a boy named Sue '

You can't fix stupidity though I guess, I think Number 16 Bus Shelter would agree with me. But at least they knows where they were conceived.
By the way is that a boy's name or girls name.
What about air poilet inspector and champange breeze?
And I thought chapelle corby was a bad name>


Han Solo routine "We're all fine here, thanks. How are you?" *weapons fire* "It was a boring conversation anyway!"
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