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Writing my will and looking for the term that describes who will look after my child when I die

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Im in the process of writing my will, and know there is a word that is to be used when stating my wishes as to who I would like to care for my child when I die.


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thanks for the reply i was aware of that one I was told there was another term used especially when the parents of the child are no longer together
Red, the term you are looking for is Testamentary Guardianship where except for WA, either parent can nominate a guardian, but you must have recognised parental responsibility for your appointment to be recognised.

Depending on the jurisdiction that you live in, eg. in Vic, SA, NSW & NT that other parent can object to the guardian you've nominated and in Tassie, the guardian's actions may be subject to approval from the Tas Supreme Crt, depending on the surviving parent's gender.

Good on you, hoping for the best, but planning for the worst!
Thank you Valere, thats the term I was looking for..
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