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Legal aid wants my income details

Why should legal aid require my income details for my partners fight!!!! this is not a case of high income earner v low income. this is a case that in my settlement and the way i have structured my income enabled me to look after my children, but for this battle I have to disclose all of this to enable him to fight….what the hell…..if i get a car and phone he is now ineligible.. we are suddenly flush to fight off any court battle due to the fact that my salary includes a car and phone allowance?????????  I am not a party to this and my income is not applicable to CSA so why now>>>>>>>
What State are you in as there are different rules for different States. Legal Aid is generally only available to those without any means.

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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In Victoria the application for legal aid requires information of those with a financial interest. Legal aid is determined on the persons income and if you live together then you have a financial interest, it is nothing to do with child support agency etc ( the rules are the same for other matters when you seek legal aid. His child support assessment does not include your income because that his about the financial capacity of each parent and the period of care each provides. They are completely separate issues even though the legal aid is for family court matters.
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