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Who pays children's health costs?

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My ex husband has primary care of our two children.

He has recently asked that I start paying their raising health care costs.

Whilst I know I have a duty of care to the well being of the our children, I am unable to pay as I have no income (stay at home mother of two infants, single family income, minimum FTB etc).

He conveniently makes these consultations on days when I have the children.

I am unsure if he receives parenting payment single and he won't admit it if he is.

What strategies have you come up with that have been a great way of handling the health costs of children? Please remember that he is the primary carer and in no way do I wish to opt out of my parental responsibilities.
If you have orders, it would hopefully be covered by them, but I suspect you don't.

Generally, the primary carer would pay general medical expenses because that is part of what child support covers. If it is extraordinary expenses like surgery or braces then if the primary carer wants the other parent to contribute then they should seek agreement first, prior to any appointments etc. CSA told me that even the cost of presecription glasses is an ordinary expense.

Morally he really shouldn't be making appointments on "your time" as what you do in your time is your business. Is he taking the children to the appointments or is he expecting you to take them and therefore pay the cost of the appointment. What sort of appointments are they? General doctor appointments or specialists? Maybe you could change the appointments to his time. Has he provided you with a reason for making the appointments then? Maybe you could inquire with whoever is conduting the appointment as to the availablity of other times.

If you were to take the children to the doctor in your own time, as in it was you making the appointment, then I am sure that you wouldn't be expecting him to pay and that you would just pay it yourself, as any reasonable person would do, and because you care about your children.

I think you need to get orders in place, and this is just one of the topics that could be covered in those orders, so everyone knows where they stand. First step, mediation.

Good luck with it, let us know how you get on.
My understanding is that to be on the minimum FTB of $50.12 per fortnight that the family has to have a reasonably high income, thus it would appear that you are suggesting that you are actually in an ongoing relationship and that the other partner in your relationship is working. If this is not the case then I don't understand how you are not getting the maximum FTB for the two children in your care, you would also be getting quite a few other benefits, such as rent assistance.

Perhaps your first port of call should be the FAO who could assist in determining whether or not you are on the correct level of FTB and receiving the benefits that you should be receiving. They could also probably explain how you could best take advantage of Medicare which ensures that all Australians have access to free or low-cost medical treatment. They could also explain about child care benefit and utilising approved or registered care which could facilitate you increasing your income and thus be able to better financially support your children.

In my situation, when my son was in the other parent's care, he got what medical treatment he needed as and when he needed it, which wasn't that much (the largest was when he needed dental treatment, which I had done [ I could have claimed this from the CS payments, but didn't]). My partner and myself got private medical cover which was extended to my son and I advised the other parent that this could be taken advantage of for my son's needs. We are now the primary carer's of our son and the other parent has paid for some treatment. The latest was when the other parent phoned to discuss the flu jab, to which I agreed to, even though I'm personally against. I was then going to take my son to have the jab, however the other parent had it done at their own cost.
Thanks for the feedback.

I would conclude that my partner has the higher end of an average income, average being between $50K and $70K per year for office environment work?

We were paying rent whilst our house was being built. It was calculated that paying a mortgage was somehow more cost effective than paying rent.

Though paying rent and mortgage repayments at the same time can make life interesting!

Waiting lists for child care are approx. 2 years here. Currently there are over 50 families in the area also waiting for family day care providers. That's why I am studying family day care so not only can I spend quality time with my toddler children, I can better financially support them.

I will be looking into those areas you spoke of, MikeT.

I guess there just needs to be better communication between my ex and I. No better way than to find out where you stand. I believe we should discuss a strategy of how we should both fund the medical costs to ensure their health is not affected by potential financial disputes.

Mermaidinnav said
 I guess there just needs to be better communication between my ex and I. No better way than to find out where you stand. I believe we should discuss a strategy of how we should both fund the medical costs to ensure their health is not affected by potential financial disputes.

That's one of the more commendable statements that have been made on FLWG.

With regard to Family Day Care. I'm not sure that you have to study as yet. I believe that by 2014 you have to have a Cert III in early education and care. I must admit that I get mixed up with the different types of care though.
Yes, there are many types of care and it can be confusing.

Whilst the Cert III isn't compulsory yet, it is recommended that you implement this course into your studies of family day care.

Each FDC scheme has policies, procedures and guidelines. There are Acts and Regulations that need to be learnt, understood and complied with, Senior First Aid Training, CCMS Child Care Service Management Training and much more.

FDC does have study but it's all through the Care Scheme.

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