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Legal aid has funded but not getting support required

I am legally aided and with a current solicitor who seems too busy for me, but has 30 years experience in law (criminal and family), knows the court/judges where case is held and is good at cross examination.

I have also been told of a solicitor who was admitted 3 years ago, practices solely in family law and childrens issues with a reputable firm, but usually at a different court.  Whom is known to spend time with you writes a comprehensive affidavit and shows a lot of interest, but obviously with a lot less experience?

I understand both an affidavit and cross examination are important, but is one more so than the other?

From what I understand the other party has a very good lawyer.

Nobody seems to have an answer and is split 50/50?

Can anyone advise me of their thoughts? Thanking you in advance!
There is no simple answer…

I would go with the one who is interested but you may find that legal aid may not simply allow you to chop and change.

It will also depend on how much work you will put in as legal aid  may not cover everything if it is an extended matter. The solicitor you work with may have some views on how much work you can do vs what the practice will do.

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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