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Where to say hello ?

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I hope this is the right place to say hello.

I'm new here.

Glad to meet you all.
Hi Green, welcome to the forums.

You should read the getting started section and other forums that are of interest to you and your situation, hopefully, you will find them useful.

Good luck.

Junior Executive of SRL-Resources

Executive Member of SRL-Resources, the Family Law People on this site (Look for the Avatars). Be mindful what you post in public areas. 
Hi Green  :)  :)  Always have a smile close by, they come in handy.

I too am new here, hello to all.

What a wealth of information there is here and a big THANK YOU to all the dedicated moderators and posters.

I wish I could understand even 1 percent of info in these forums - there seems to be a huge difference between marriage and after-marriage.
Hi All,

Also a new member - maybe it would be useful to have an "Introduction" thread where by all new members can pop in and say Hi  :)

Am extremely impressed with the amount of content available, looks like people are also very supportive which is also fantastic!

Moderator Note

Rebecca Welcome to the forums and the 'WebGuide'.

Some people do come on and introduce themselves, whilst some others just blast away with questions without bothering to read anything or even consider the work required to maintain this site. A matter of common courtesy really.

The only thing the moderators warn of is if you have a Family Law matter please remember the public forums can be searched by Google et al.
Well I was wondering where to say hello and somebody else started this thread, so I will jump in here if that is alright and say hello as well.

This is a great site, so much info to digest is really keeping me busy with all the reading.

Will get around to asking my question in the next few days, if it hasnt already been asked.

tired dad
Welcome aboard
Hi to everyone and yes this is a great site. Hope it helps you all in some way.
Hope that you all find something worthwhile. There is much information in the 150,000 pages here. Perhaps there is merit in a seperate forum for new people to just chat or say Hi. We have completed development of a chat room module but are of two minds to impliment or not due to possible conflicts and difficulty in maintaining moderated chat rooms. We might allow private one on one or invited guests to your chat room but are very unsure as to the worth of such a facility.

We focus here much on the law and detail around various Acts and so plesantries and salutations are few and far between.  

Site Director
Hi all

This is a great site, congrat's to all involved.
maad thanks for your comments. There are many persons on the site who contribute a lot and others who contribute a little but all are extremly valued contributions and continue to make the site better and of more use to those in need.

Site Director

Hello and thanks

Hi Everyone,

Just found and joined this site today, what a goldmine!  It's incredible how many people are here providing support to people going through the trauma of relationship breakdown and the mess that goes with it.  I'm just starting on the journey, trying to get fair access to my two and 5 year old kids and a fair share of some of the wealth jointly acumulated over the last 15 years.  Right now I feel like I've got nothing but a little self respect and some faith that justice will prevail - reading many of the posts here is making me doubt the latter.  Seems like getting a good outcome is going to be more about learning how to give the system what it wants more than whats right and fair.  I hope over time, I can give back as much as I get.

Welcome to the site.  :)  There are many very experienced members here who often post some incredible information. If you feel you have had help along the way we are keen to have you contribute to others. Enjoy the Search Engine and many site menu's. If you have any suggestions please let us know how to make the site better. There are forums for that too !  :thumbs:

Site Director
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