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whats the difference between frc and rdm

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im trying to work out what diferent mediation services there are and what the difference between them are. ive so far found FRC an RDM, and would like some info on them and any other forms of mediation.
FRC = Family Relationship Centre, is a Federal Government initiative introduced that provides up to 3 hours free mediation, generally, but not limited to, separation. They can issue 60I certificates. They are quite notorious for lenghty delays.

RDM = Roundtable dispute management is from what I can see is Victoria specific and basically another term for mediation. I'm not sure if they can issue 60I certificates. I'm usure about costs.

Another option is for mediation through a mediation supplied, they would likely not offer the free 3 hours but would likely be more timely than FRC's, again you need to check that they can offer 60I certificates.

A 60I certificate can be issued is the mediation doesn't result in a parenting plan which then allows you to progress on to court (in normal circumstances a 60I is required to apply to court).
Thank you MikeT.
 I will have to do a little more research.
 But thank you for your reply.
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