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What's happening to the FLWG?

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I have been an avid reader of this site as a guest for a long while now and have always been very impressed by the dynamics and informative nature of the site.  My particular interests are shared care and unsubstantiated false allegations.  I have noticed that in the last two or so months that the exchange of information has greatly decreased and the number of posts on the site has vastly declined, maybe only 3 or 4 today.  I must say I am quite disappointed. Is there any reason for this sudden decline in posting and response?     
There seems to be an increase in child support issues and the other issues are falling apart. Family law is not just cost, it is family to my mind and I am also dissapointed with the downturn.
I'd put it down to the increasing number of IVO put out by the local courts. a person with a false alegation of family violence can be preoccupied with staying out of trouble and if details are posted, you can lose your case.

IVO's have become the standard too for women who just want to avoid saying goodbye and want to take the kids without explaining their actions.
Well one reason family issues could be decreasing is I have realized from the few people I talk to on hear via msn and phone, many of us have felt disheartened by the system - everything we know in regards to the courts and the family law act are thrown out the window when you go to court.
I think the whole family law system has become whether or not the judge/magistrate/registrar likes you and what sort of mood they are in on the day.
At least CS is something most parents feel they can get justice in.
It's the cost involved with taking action in the courts that is staggaring. to have any chance you must have a good legal team, but the person who has taken your child(ren) can use legal aid. Deepest pockets wins?
I tend to agree with Faith that the Judge and their mood determines outcome, not justice or law. I have yet to hear of a case where law is held without Judge descression ie the mood of the day and if he likes you.
The site seems to be extremly busy in the child support area at the moment. There are also a lot of private works going on in closed forums. There are many reasons why Family Law might be less topical but the site stats I had a look at the other day show a steady plateau of figures peaking at around 1.0+ million hits a month and around 12GB of data downloaded. These seem to be fairly static. The SRL-Resources posters seem to be busy on cases so have not been posting as much as previously. I think also people get tired and have to have a break. A number of site posters are doing Law degrees which is also taking up significant time. If you would like to take up a role as a news editor or moderator feel free to apply to give some of us "Ol Geezers" a rest… :$

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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