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What happens if one parent doesnt turn up?

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Hi everyone,

I was wondering what happens if one parent does not show up to court? I know that if they don't turn up to mediation that a certificate is given (can't remember the number) but yeah I wanted to know what happens if a parent doesn't show at all during the court process?

And what happens if the parent that first show is the one that currently has full care of the child/ren and is already not letting the other parent have access.

Will the judge make a ruling or will everything need to be started again?

Sorry if this sounds confusing
If party does not show up and they have been served etc… then they face the possibility of having orders made against them.

The outcome of a hearing depends on the orders sought. If you are seeking final orders then you will have a series of hearings/meeting to prepare for trial, and if you are also seeking interim orders, then you might get some temporary care orders at your first hearing.
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