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What exactly is a contravention ?

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I understand that if one party does not return the children as per the court order etc that it is a contravention but my question is:
If one party chooses not to have the children for their allocated time for over a year is this classified as a contravention and a reason to apply to have orders changed?

Other issues include the other party turning up at the childrens school when he is not supposed to (more importantly it was the Monday after what should have been his weekend) Also having no contact for any of the 4 children's birthdays etc.
I have been for mediation but he refused to do mediation and I have the certificate now.

We have final orders that the children live with me and he has them every 2nd weekend from a Thursday night till Monday morning and half holidays.

I don't want major changes to the orders but perhaps starting his weekend on a Friday and that if he chooses to have the children after such a long time of not seeing them then he should give me notice and not just turn up at school to pick them up as he has done in the past and I have been left wondering where our children are and if they are going to be returned.

Another fact is that he claims he can not afford to feed them and that is why he does not have them but we only live a street apart so we know if that was really to truth then he would have them one afternoon after school or on the weekend etc.
Any advice would really help. Oh and for the record I have always gone out of my way to make sure he has contact to his children (even before the court process started) and am always happy negotiate with him if he was wanting to change anything - but of course negotiations are hard when one party wont talk to you.
Anyway again any help would be great.

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