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What age can children decide?

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Can anyone help with with what age my sons have the right to decide whether they want to see their father? I have two boys 13 and 11 and they are asking not to go to see their father. Can anyone help.....
Have you done any searches on the site? There are many posts around this sort of question. There is no real hard and fast rule but one has to ask why two boys do not want to visit their father. At ages 11 and 13 I would have thought there would be so many boy - Dad activities that they would be dying to get there for visits. Perhaps Dad needs some help to work out what he might do with a couple of energetic young lads.

Does he participate in school related activities, homework? Does he get interested in their gaming (EVERY boy wants to be a supreme commando roaming the galaxy on XBox pr PS3 and dealing to the aliens or forces of evil). Is he into sports or travel? Is he into truck racing or formula 1, watching the All Blacks beat Australia or some other suitable and useful pursuit? Is he a movie buff and can take them to a special movie.

Boys just don't NOT want to see their dads unless there is some other underlying issue. I would start there.

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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