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What age can child decide which parent they want to live with

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My son is nearly 9 and has said that he would like to live with me, this I know his mother would never ever agree to. I strongly disagree with the environment that she is raising him and fear he might get depressed with how he is living. For the last 6 months they have lived on a mountain only driving distance from any towns or recreational facilities, no neighbors or kids to play with and it is just him and his mother boarding with a middle aged lady. His mother is very strict on video games etc and has limited him to 1/2 hour a day of either computer or X-Box and 1 hour a day of TV, he really misses the contact with other children so we asked her if she could move to a neighborhood in close proximity to other children and parks etc which she angrily rejected and replied with "all kids get bored".

On the other hand when I have him every second weekend he has 3 siblings neighborhood kids and parks in walking distance and a very strong network of at least 40 relatives within 10 minutes driving, my heart breaks whenever he talks to me about how bored he gets and how he wishes he had other kids to play with and I feel helpless because he lives 1.5hrs away so I can't just visit him with his siblings. Is there any way he could decide to live with me or at least make his mother move them to somewhere with the opportunity to play with other kids.
I think you have a reasonably strong case to increase your care. At age 9 the court may take the child's views into consideration. By 13 the children can do by using their own feet. Your argument would need to show the level of emotional support your son is missing out from his immediate and extended family by being isolated with his mother.
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