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visitation of 8 month old by bio father who has never met her

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my daughter was born at 28 weeks, she is now 8 months old. it has taken me till now to prove who her father is after months of him denying it. i got a solisiter to give him options. he finally agreed to a dna test, then 2 months later said no. he then just signed he was the father. i have now recieved a letter from him demanding unsupervised visitation 2 afternoons a week for 2 hours.  i live 4 hrs away from where he does with my current partner who is the only father shes known as he was there at her birth. i seperated from my ex due to him having some violence issues. do i have to allow this visitation as he pays no child support and has never met her?
id think given the circumstances both parties should should think about the little one first. at this stage of your debacle u would think that he would only want to come and spend time with the child with your assistance and re assurance for the child. they need to be introduced and baby steps to get into each others life. this is also your responsibility as to wanting to facilitate this not make it too hard or hostile to deal with, that is of course if you believe your child should have the father in his/her life. he should want to do the same i would think? maybe when the child is comfortable with his/her father then yeah unsupervised time would be a good idea. 
I have no problem with working things out. but how can her having to travel twice a week to have a visit with him for 2 hours be good for her. she is still breast fed, as she is only considered 5 months old. he has not wanted anything to do with her untill now. do i have to agree with him just because he wont agree with anything that isnt his way? i dont understand how any of this is in her best interests. i cant even guarantee that he will be sober when she visits.

 there are no orders in place either.
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