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Custody rights for a 3 year old

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Do fathers have any real chance

I got a text message yesterday from my 3 year old daughters grandmother letting informing me that I would be served with a court order document to allow the grandmother to temporary custody of my daughter for a period of up to 2 years. It was described that things had come to this due to anxiety, depression and alcohol abuse (Ed. note -  Assume by the mother).

Clearly concerned I jumped on the phone to the grandmother to find out what this all means.

They (the grandmother, mother and daughter) all live in Perth and (Ed. note presumably you) live in Sydney the mother and myself actually split quite amicably before I found out she was pregnant and she left Sydney to go back to Perth for the birth to be closer to her family. Which I totally understood, and whilst I felt it was a bad idea for the mother to go ahead and have a baby in our situation, I respected her decision and began knuckling down on my own career life so I could be an influential and positive role in my daughters life.

I have gone from a low $37k per year role and surfing a lot to $80k in the last 3 years in a career that I'm passionate about and have a clear future. Although it hasn't been easy and I've done jobs that I've hated and even started my own business that failed and left me with some debt. This has effected my relationship with the mother in that there has been times where I've been looking for work and simply hadn't had the money to pay CSA, however I have always payed regularly when I've been working and even tried to back pay when I've been able to.

I went to Perth for the birth and I managed to get over again the following Christmas. The mother has visited Sydney on a couple of occasions to see friends and when she's been here I've managed to get time with my daughter.

So that's the situation,...  what I really want to know is if the parental rights have been taken from the mother surely I must have a case to gain those parental rights. I feel as if whilst the grandmother has done the right thing by the daughter, I also think she is doing everything she can to stop me from gaining the parental rights for fear that it would be more difficult for the mother to regain custody down the track. Meanwhile there's a little 3 year old girl sat in the middle, what can I do??

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