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My partner and I have had an ongoing family court case regarding his daughter  (now 6 years old) around a year now. We have been awaiting a Singe Expert Witness who was appointed 6 months ago to write a report. I have a few questions regarding the case.

Firstly the interim orders are that my partner has supervised daytime visits only as his ex has made unsubstantiated accusations of domestic violence from over 3 years ago and verbal abuse a just over a year ago during an argument (in my opinion if there was any verbal abuse during that argument, it was her to him). She's also claiming my partner is mentally unwell as he had depression and self harmed over 4 years ago for a period of about a year. He has sinced received treatment, hasn't taken any medications in over 3 years and has a letter saying he's all clear (specifically that he is fit to look after his daughter) from his doctor. At the interim hearing it seemed to me the ICL did not look at the evidence at all and just promoted eering on the side of caution. Our lawyers suggested agreeing to the daytime supervised contact as it would only be for a few months until the Single Expert Witness would finish their report and give the all clear so we followed this advise.

1. Is this the norm?! Firstly it seems nuts that the evidence was not really reviewed - my partner is a normal functioning member of society who works full time and there had never been the need for supervision before. Secondly nearly 6 months later the no report from the Single Expert Witness.

2. Our lawyers have not seemed too great so far. We have supplied all the evidence requested and it feels like we have still gotten no where (or not anywhere near as far as there initial suggestions). They are also ridiculously expensive and the amount we paid up to the interim hearing was over 5 times their initial estimate. Are there any perth lawyers anyone can recommend?

The court case is quite a long and complex story but I have tried to include the relevant parts. Any general recommendations would be great!

Also we are only requesting shared parental responsibility and friday through sunday fortnightly visitation. The mother wants sole parental responsibility and supervised visitation for now but is unclear what she wants once there is a single expert report.
If your case has been going on for a year, then you might have quite a way to go - my case just got judgement after 2.5 years of battle

From my experience, your comment on the ICL is spot on and is the best you can expect.

If I was to look back to the 1st year of the case, I would say take whatever you can get, whether it´s daytime visits or not - at the final hearing, your partner can expect to be confronted with the fact that ¨he made no attempt to spend time with the children¨

If you want to keep your sanity, you´re going to have to accept that there is no fair play, for him or the children, and if there is any kind of allegation against your partner, the ICL will not look at any evidence and just take the allegation as a given fact

They will only look at evidence in the final hearing, by which time your partner will not have seen his children for 2 years and she would have pumped their minds full of nonsense about him

I was self represented and, although it was an emotional battle, it was not a lot of work -  nobody was interested in looking at any evidence until the final hearing

We also had a single expert witness, who also took his time in preparing his report, and only finalised it 6 months later, on the day before the next court date at which it was due - even this had no effect on any decisions with regard to access
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