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Guidance on attending mediation

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A couple of questions on the best way to approach mediation sessions

Dear all, this is my first post so I thank anyone in advance who might be able to provide some guidance.I begin mediation for access to my son shortly. For the last 12 months I have had supervised access to my son for 4 hours a week. I agreed to this as the divorce has been acrimonious in nature and for a time I was battling with depression and anxiety. For a variety of reasons I was, for a time, addicted to prescription medication and also took recreational drugs. I am pleased to say that over the last 8 months I have managed to ‘get clean’ and have undertaken therapy, group glasses and the like in order to achieve this.In the past few months I have also attended first aid courses, parenting classes and continue with sporadic therapy so as not to get complacent. I have done everything I can to ensure that my commitment to my son and wanting a more significant role in his life can not be questioned. I would say my mental health has improved dramatically but that I still suffer from depression albeit it is manageable and I am living a ‘normal’ life.My question to the forum centres on disclosure during the mediation process. 
  1. I am willing to undertake all necessary drug testing to evidence the fact I no longer use any drugs in any capacity. Do I have to disclose during the process the extent of my historical drug use?
  2. With regards to the therapy and counselling do I have to give access to my estranged wife to the Doctors / Counsellors I have met with?
  3. Should I admit that I still deal with depression?
Finally, given the nature of the above, what can I reasonably expect in terms of unsupervised time with the aim of building up to overnight stays? My estranged wife has reluctantly acknowledged that my child is in no danger in my care and this has been backed up with positive comments from the child minder. Furthermore, at no stage during the relationship was I physically abusive to my wife or child (although I was absent for some time).Many thanks in advance for any comments. 
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