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Please any help.

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12yr old never meet her biological father

Hello all,
 OK I have a bit of a tough one. About 13 years ago my now wife was raped by her then boyfriend, as a result of that he went to jail for her rape and 2 or 3 other girls. My wife became pregnant and determined to keep the baby. As my wife was pretty young and more or less alone in the world she put his name as father on the birth certificate ( as the father only.). But put her last name as her daughters last name. ( not his )…  1.3 years later along comes me, we get together get married and have another daughter. All the while protecting her daughter and saying I was the father. She is now 12.5 and found out from a slip up of her grandmother's yesterday that I'm not her biological father. ( she was so upset ). As of now this bloke has never meet her or wanted anything to do with her plus my wife is scared sh*tless of him.
Ok so that's were we are now.  My question is now this is all out in the open I want to adopt her,
Dose the bloke after no contact forever and a violent crime to her mother have any say at all to what happens to my daughter?
Can we get him terminated as a parent?
Will we need his ok for me to adopt her?
Any help or ideas would be awesome.
Is the biological father still in jail. If not, has he reoffended again?

I did help in a matter like this a few years ago so let me look at the information and get back to you.

Does your daughter know the real story or has it been sanitised for her?

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Hello and thanks for your reply
He is now out of jail as far as we know. As for reoffending Im not sure and don't really know his to find out. As for the real story and my daughter my wife and I are willing to tell her the truth. But as of now she is happy with the info she has about it.  Sorry for my slow reply. Thought I would receive a email if I got a reply.
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