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Parent and Grandparent dispute/ complaint DHS

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Complaint to DHS from Grandparents against Mother - Mother require's advice on potential DHS investigation process

Iam a single parent of two teenage boys, both aged 13 . My children do very well at school, they are confident, sporty, friendly, outgoing, happy and well-adjusted boys. The boys and I are extremely close. I am a loving, kind and caring mother and I want the best possible future for my children. I love and adore my children more than anything, they are my priority.

My parent's (my children's grandparents), who I am estranged with, have made a complaint to a Child services agency and my parents have informed me that, "intervention will be activated in the coming weeks". My parents have also implied through an email to me, that a court will take my children away from me.

I am estranged with my parents because of an ongoing family business dispute where my parents are completely cutting me off financially and putting the ability for me to be able to provide for my children and future finances at serious risk. I have worked in the family business for over 25 years and I am a part owner. I have been effectively ousted and my employment has been terminated. I have sought legal advice about the business dispute and I cannot take further legal action due to being financially cut off by my parents.

I have tried and I will continue to protect my children from this business dispute as it affects them directly. We have to move from our house and my boys have to change schools in coming weeks because of the financial burden and stresses placed on me from my parents. My boys are very mature and protective of me and they have seen firsthand the stress that I am under because of this dispute. My children do not want to see their grandparents because of how they have treated me and how they continue to treat me.

It is evident that my parents have removed me from the family business and are attempting to remove me from my boys.

Can someone please provide an understanding on what may happen when I am contacted by DHS, what the investigation and decision process maybe and what I should do/ be prepared for?

I am unsure if this Post belongs in this forum; can a moderator please move it to a better forum if required.

Many thanks
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