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I just wanted to say that I owe so much to the people who work tirelessly on this site to help others. When i met them i was a self represented idiot. With their directions THEY won my case, now.. 7 years later my daughter is 16 and has lived with me full time since 2012.

Also, because of what they taught me i was able to secure good solid block time with a one year old boy after me and mum split up in 2012

Thanks to them as well there are now at least four parents who i have helped who now have overnights and walked out of court happy.

I guess what i am saying is that, if you are lucky enough to get help personally from anyone on here, do exactly what they say, behave how they say and do it when they say to do it as they know what they are talking about. Not only do i owe them for what they did, they actually changed my way of thinking.

I hope this is a relevant first post after so long.


Nothing i say should be taken as legal advice. I am not a Lawyer. If i help you it is of your own free choice to listen to what i say or not. I do not create documents for you. I do not represent you…. Purple Monkey Dishwasher
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