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Hello Everyone,

I just have a question, can anyone tell me from a legal point of view whether I have the right as a mother to protect my children from a grandparent that has a history of abusive behaviour. He behaved in an intimidating threatening manner towards them and I am adamant that he is not to left unsupervised with my children. Is it a case of the parent having the final say? I will point out that he does have normal regular access. Surely as the mother I have more rights regarding my own children than he does This is affecting me badly can anyone help with an answer  Thankyou.
In brief it is the child or children who have rights and it should be from that perspective that you consider what action should be taken. A child does have a right to know their family and to also be protected from harm. You could stop access but that might not be the final say as the other party(ies) might then take the matter to court and the courts may then make a decision.
Hi there

I will correct myself and say that it is my responsibility to protect my children instead of my right.  I will also point out that the children do indeed enjoy a good relationship with their extended family  I have never at any time denied this person access but I am adamant that he is not to be left unsupervised with them. what more does he want beyond regular access?
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