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Underage and pregnant

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how will this be handled?

I have 2 boys with my ex.

They reside with him and i have them some holidays and every second weekend.

I was 15 when I fell pregnant with my first son, my ex, my son's father was 32. I had lost my virginity to this man only 3 weeks prior to conceiving. Not one person from any government department spoke with my ex at the time I became pregnant although docs and the police were aware of the situation.

I am now in the situation where he is constantly argumentative when I attempt to resolve any issues about the care of the children. He swears at me, his new girlfriend swears at me and he calls me terrible names on my voice mail.

We've not been to court due to financial reasons though I am considering taking this step.  When I do, how will the underage sex thing play out? Will it be brought up? I'm frightened of having to talk about it because it still distresses me ad he thinks he's done nothing wrong. He's sure to be angry and even more impossible to deal with.   
I don't think that under age sex would be much of a factor in Family Law, that I believe would be an issue for Criminal courts. Family law would look at the best interest of the children and one factor is that they are, by what you say, primarily attached to the other parent. Before going to court you would may have to attend mediation which is where you should try to come to agreement about the issues that you have.

If you take the issues to court then you are basically saying that you need someone else to make such decisions on your (both parents) behalf and you will then have a stranger make the decisions on your behalf and based upon what would be pretty limited information.

Another point is that, depending upon your financial position, you may be able to take advantage of legal aid. Perhaps the other parent could also.

Another option for substantially reducing costs is to self represent either fully or partially. The SRL-Resource may and assist you self-represent. Note that if they accept you that they expect SLR's to do a lot of the work and they will be more of a guide. That is they will help SLR's help themselves, they do not offer their assistance to do the actual work for an SLR. They have a great deal of experience in Family Law matters. You may wish to check out
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