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Unco-operative, false allegating, mother of my child refuses court orders and places VRO's instead.

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Unco-operative, false allegating, mother of my child refuses court orders and places VRO's instead.

I would appreciate any advice with this. Especially from anyone with legal knowledge/personal experience. Alright here we go (it's a long complicated one!). In 2008 between, April and the end of may,  I had multiple sexual encounters but not a formal relationship with a waitress from work  Obviously no contraceptives were used at any point or I wouldn't be writing this right now. The waitress found herself a partner (whom she is still with today. lets call him DH) in early June. Also in early June after going to hospital, the waitress was told she was pregnant. Now, it takes at least 4-6 weeks for a doctor to know that. So if we do the maths (my daughter was born in Feb 09) it puts conception at end of April/start of may and
makes myself daddy not DH. I knew straight away that child was mine, but was just screamed at by Waitress for trying to be supportive. She then tried the "it's not even yours" chessnut. Claimed it was DH's. Biologically impossible but never the less. I shifted interstate when Waitress was about four months pregnant but shortly after my move, Waitress broke up with DH and we started regular phone contact. For once I felt she had dropped the charade  and was finally letting me into my child's life. I was hopeful. Waitress asked if and what i wanted from a possible relationship with her. If i wanted to know my child (unknown gender until birth) and we even talked about baby names. I received a text the day she was born with her gender, name, weight height etc. as i wasn't there. Biggest shame in that being, is my name isn't on the BC. So i came home. It wasn't until my daughter was three months old that Waitress let me meet her. I instantly fell in love. She looks just like me! My ears, hairline and jawline, cowlicks, eyes. And i seemed to be having nice civil relationship with Waitress. Only two months later she ran back off with DH and I never saw my daughter again. It took two years to track Waitress down and another year to get to court (which is where this storybook is heading!). Because i am not on the BC. the mother just denys me access. I pleaded with her to negotiate with me. No go.
So i decided to take it court. First step was the FRC meeting. Waitress didn't cooperate/attend so I got my certificate to apply to the family courts. I did. Asked for parentage testing as the first interim order, as i cant do anything until i prove paternity. Waitress didn't show to that either but wrote in that she Will happily complete a DNA test so judge ordered 'parentage testing be undertaken within 28days'. I ran her to organize test and I was told she 'absolutely refuses and Will do whatever she can to have me locked up'. Next day cops are here with a violence restraining order. She only told a magistrate two days before she Will cooperate. I know this is all because now I can prove my daughter is mine they are panicking. What do i do tho if i cant get a test completed in 28days. Re-apply to family court??i know my daughter is mine because she looks just like me. Re-affirms me im not the crazy person i get accused of being. But on paper, waitress actually applied thru legal-aid and centrelink for child support from me in 2009. So then i think i have her on 'paternity fraud' because it proves she well knew I was the biological father but then put DH on the BC. The VRO tho i have to go to court for in a week. It is completely false. She actually lives 90km from me. And I have no car and broken foot/ankle. I Will fight that. What im hoping a judge finds suspicious is that after three and a half years. Why place a restraining order directly after court order are placed. I dont know ill ever know my daughter.

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Poster PLEASE format your post for ease of reading
What Courts are you discussing as you use the term Family and Magistrate (Local Court)?
First step is to fight the violence order and take witnesses if possible as to your whereabouts and behaviour.

Next, if the court has ordered a DNA test and she has refused then go back to court after the 28 days. Usually the court can act on her refusal.

Not a legal person, but this is my advice.
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