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unable to view my post

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i posted a question that was labelled

"Steps to removing child from mothers care"

but now i am not able to view it, when i click on the post it just comes up with

"You do not have a sufficient access level for this category "

whats going on? has a mod deleted the post?

I am unable also to view with the same response
kalimnadancer said
I am unable also to view with the same response
Thats because it has probably been trashed by a Moderator.
It was a daft post anyhow, more like a troll because nobody would post that in a public forum on a site that Google is over like a rash. Plus the rubbish about recommending a Legal Aid solicitor as 'if' Legal Aid would fund the case.

Out of interest what the most common reasons are for a change of residence?

A brief look through Austlii for change of residence and lives with Father suggests primary carers not facilitating a relationship whether maliciously or by reason of mental health issues particularly over-valued ideas for safety & protection, manifesting child behavioural issues and CPS intervention are mentioned.
SRLdad, do you ahve some cases where this has happened?
I'm also unable to view a post I made to a forum where the user was asking about surveys. I can't recall the name. Though I was able to locate it other days I can't find it now.

Where has it gone??
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