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travel drop of and pick ups

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hi, i was wondering if anyone could help me, i do all the traveling to pick up and drop of my child. I live about 40 kms away from the x and was wondering if she had to share in the travel or is it all on me?
Hi Jimmy,

I have asked this exact same question. In discussion with my ex, I have convinced her that it's necessary for her to share the traveling with me.

The court considers in section 60cc:
3 ©  the willingness and ability of each of the child's parents to facilitate, and encourage, a close and continuing relationship between the child and the other parent;

The word "facilitate" in the dictionary: 1. to make easier or less difficult; help forward (an action, a process, etc.):

This is your argument.

There is no law that specifically states that traveling must be shared. What if she doesn't have a car or licence? Or if her car was unreliable?

It all comes down to negotiation. You can make parenting proposals, and counter offers when discussing arrangements for your child. Have a meeting and make it a serious discussion, and you take the lead. Perhaps write your parenting proposal and make it business-like. If she is in a reasonable position to do the traveling, this should be one of the issues for discussion. Assume it is a 50/50 responsibility in this area, and be firm of asking WHY she will not do it. If there's no good reason, I would not accept "no" for an answer.

This can be discussed privately between the two of you. If that isn't working, you should try booking in Family Dispute Resolution (FDR). They will act as a mediator in your discussions and guide you both for a reasonable outcome, but it's all voluntary. She doesn't have a legal obligation to agree to anything at this point.

If you still don't agree, your next path is the legal system involving lawyers, courts & judges. You will need to fight your case and get a parenting order in place. This is where your specific issues such as time spent with the child, changeover (pickup & drop offs time & place), and parental responsibilities will be set in concrete. You need to specify a place and time in your proposals and the judge will consider this.

You might want to have an initial interview with a family lawyer and they usually do this for free. Ask them first. It might be worth getting them to send her a letter about it.
Cheers and thankyou,

Ive been sent a letter from FDR and am in the proccess of following it up.

As 4 the travel issues your advice has helped, as for her sharing travel time we will have to see how thing go. As im sure she will say becose i was the one that has moved away that im the one to do the pick up and drop off. Ive also rang CSA and have found out that she is getting alot more than what they say is fair amount. As we have been arguing alot lately but manily over times and money (eg if im 15mins early or late she goes off) im hoping that the FDR proccess will help.

Once again thankyou 4 the advice
Hmm, the fact that you moved that distance away, I don't know whether that throws a spanner in the works. Maybe your argument can be that realistically, the area you moved to was necessary for a really good reason (employment/family/affordability). She ought to take that into consideration.

If you moved that far away without a good reason, why don't you consider moving closer to your child?

I currently live 45 minutes drive from my child. I am soon moving to a town only 15 minutes drive, just to be closer to my child & spend more substantial time with him in the future. I am giving up my social and business network of 15 years & starting fresh as a commitment to be more involved in my sons life. 4mydaughter (a member of this forum) did the exactly same thing and this inspired me to do it too.

Happy negotiations & all the best.
Regardless of distance, travel time is shared, unless other arrangements have been sought and approved.
 The distance, if lengthened, has been felt as an agreeance of both parties to happen, if no objection was made and recorded..
  You can do half way meets, or alternatively agree to receive the child from a close point to you, then drop the child off near the mothers.

As I have one child and my ex has the other two, our resolve was to have all children spend 1 weekend every 4 at one parents house, then the opposite on the fortnight after. When i take my son to his mothers, i drive the full 230km there, and meet at a halfway point upon pickup and vise versa. This saves all the children travel time, which is good for us when 920km is being spent on the road every 4weeks by each party just for this purpose…
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