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Children as young as a few weeks can spend time with men or women.
Brddz, the law, states that a child must legally know both parents and that the rights of the child are paramount in family law.
Very young children can accept change readily and a good mum to my mind is one who allows their child to spend equal time with both parents from a young age as this forms a bond and stability for the child in both homes.
Very few people are able to do this and I commend my ex-daughter in law and my son for their ability to love their son and allowing him to have the love, and support of themselves and their their families on a equal shared care basis since he was very young. Hard at times for both of them, but they did not argue, attend mediators or court as they both wanted a good life for their son and talked and continue to talk in the best interests of their son.
I am pleased to see this child have a wide family circle without a bitter, manipulative mother.
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