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My child support ends in a couple of weeks.

If I don't submit my tax return until after this, am I liable for underestimating my income for the last financial year?.
I'm pretty sure that you would be as they would still reconcile when the actual taxable income is made available.
When you lodge your tax return it is shared with CSA. I recently got a CSA notice (for my nearly 21 year old because his father had not lodged a tax return for the last two years) the assessment notice was for the school year two years ago and advised me the rate had increased by $80 per month for 10 months. So it would make no difference when you lodge your tax, if you owe money due to under estimation.
If your child support assessment is using your current ATI and you did not do an estimate then your support case just ends.

It is because CS is based on your previous financial years income.
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