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Supervised visitation - can't agree

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I'm separated with a 2.5 year old and have interim orders. I have supervised visitation twice per week on Sunday and Tuesday night. The orders state I am to be supervised by the ex's parents or 1 of her friends that I agreed to. They also state that any other person can supervise if we agree.

Today I get an SMS saying that her parents can't attend this week and I will be supervised by her friend and both of her friends parents. I'm not comfortable with this, because I have never met the friends parents and it would be 3 people supervising me on my own. Is it reasonable for me to not agree to this? My ex has recently been implying in text messages that I have been abusing my daughter while being supervised and I'm worried about people I don't know backing up her allegations.

I've suggested changing the day but she has said no to this. I've told her I need to speak to my lawyer tomorrow but she has said that is too late notice, yet she has given me only 24 hours notice.
They also state that any other person can supervise if we agree.
I think if you don't agree on the friend and their parents, then your ex should agree to make another time/day that suits you/her parents/or agreed friend. As she hasn't agreed to that then maybe cancel your session with the non agreed people and tell her you are getting legal advice cause she is not adhering to orders. Your solictor should be able to give you guidance on what to do if she tries to set you up again with supervisors you have not agreed to.
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