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Such a Shame

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I have been reading your website for some time with a view to gleaning some relevant information regarding my current matter.  This I have found and I say THANKS.

I would also however, like to express my disappointment in the tone of many posts in this forum from seemingly regular users.  I myself would not consider posting what I may think to be a reasonable question at the time, without fear of attack as so often I have read here.

It is a shame.  What could be such a valuable resource is negatively affected by those who can't seem to take the bitterness out of their retaliations/responses.

This is such a stressful time.  I can only imagine others turning here for help are stressed out too and sometimes don't word things well or take the time to seek out site guidelines/instructions.

I also note that in my travels I haven't met many mothers or fathers who really do 'get' the 'all about the children' adage and feel that they are right in their stance/view.  It is only with the gentle guidance of those who do 'get it' that they may begin to see what that actually means and be able to discern between what may really be the small stuff and the stuff that really matters.

Perhaps the experienced posters could provide some of this guidance and education.

Go gently people; and thanks again
A good post. You will find on the site that there is at times some robust discussion as Family law by its very nature is emotive. Its hard to know which posts you are specifically referring to, sometimes statements, other than questions, being responded to can be firm in their approach by site executives, moderators or other experienced users, because these statements could be detrimental to others who are relying on relevant and pertinent guidance.

There is no need to fear asking any questions you may have, should someone respond inappropriately, you can be assured that it will be dealt with appropriately.  

Executive Member of SRL-Resources, the Family Law People on the site (Look for the Avatars).   Be mindful what you post in the public areas
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