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stuck in the legal system

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acceptable time to reply

My solicitor will not answer my emails, sometimes I have to send the same email 2 or 3 times. My last email asked for a copy of the correspondence sent to my former husband solicitor which I bleieve should be sent to me anyway. Could you please advise what is an acceptable time for a solicitor to reply to an email.
I have been in this situation i sent to mine

To (lawyers name ),

I have been in contact with the Law Institute of Victoria and would like to ask no more of both of our time be wasted, I sent emails that

are going ignored and I do understand your are a busy lawyer but a simple reply would help a lot., I need this  case up and running and I have simply asked

for it to be continued please with no ill feeling of any sort  or can my file be sent to me. after being involved in the legal saga for several years now,

I wish to finally get this finished and get on with my life

regards me

and he replied within minutes,  NO all but some lawyers love waisting your money.
every contact he/she makes with the other side should send you a copy of what they have spoken about  wether by letter or fax email if they call the other lawyer or ex a run down of what was said your paying them you have the right to know whats going on.

can him/her and get another thats is wrong

best of luck xx :)  :thumbs:

Children are innocent and should never be involved in adult saga!
Im not qualified to give legal advice and only give advice on my personal experiances:thumbs:
advise your lawyer in writing that you would like the final account for their services, and that you are going to use another firm. i reckon you'll get a quick response. you dont need this drama on top of the other stuff. good luck
I hate my lawyer.
I am in the process of writing to the Office of legal services for; not following instructions, not responding in a fair period of time and over charging. This is my second lawyer and she is worse than the first. I sincerely believe she and the other side are prolonging for as long as possible. They are lawyers and it is  in their nature to argue. COME ON SCUM LAWYERS DO THE RIGHT THING BY YOUR CLIENT AND GET ON WITH IT. BE PRO ACTIVE NOT REACTIVE!
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