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Step-adoption - completing forms

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Family Court WA

Hi there,

Attempting to complete paperwork (without lawyer expense) for my husband of 3 1/2 years to adopt my child via the Family Court WA.

Affidavit - I assume I should provide this with some evidence stating father unknown (consistent with birth cert), how long we have been together/married, child refers/knows husband as 'Dad' (yes, also knows the truth and is keen for adoption) - anything else you would suggest?

My husband would be the applicant…I would be the deponent…who is 'respondent'?

Then witness by a JP - what is the difference between swear/affirm? Advantages/disadvantages?

Any idea of associated costs??

Many thanks!
If you are doing it yourself there should be little costs. Have you checked with the court to see what the filing fee would be?

I think you should make sure your husband seeks independent legal advice so he is aware of the implications of what he is doing.

Yeah thanks, aware of "implications". I'll check on filing fees.

Anyone else able to answer questions re filling out the form? Thanks!
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