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I just want to add that SRL's (Self represented Litigants) MUST get a handle on this sort of stuff. The Judicial officers expect a reasonable level of competence commensurate with the respect and decorum that you will hold both the court and of course more importantly that which you will hold yourself before the judicial officer.

There are three pieces of advice I can give in relation to building on the issue of spends time/lives with.

Make sure you know sections:

60CC (3) (c ) old and new
65DAA (my favourite) and knowing what "Practical" means

Secondly talking the language and understanding at least some key sections of the Act.

Thirdly go into court with a positive and flexible approach. The Judicial officers afford SRL's much attention and leeway, particularly during LAT heard matters, however they do expect acknowledgement of the surrounding and a high standard of attention to the process. Don't go in dressed to go surfing either there is no "Surfs up" in courts around this country.

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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