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Spell Checking/Abbreviations/One liners ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

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This is the first post in the first topic in the first forum on this site. The site moderators expect that new posters will read it.

How much effort does it take to spell check a post?

There have been many complaints from moderators having to correct spelling errors in posts. In future if a post contains unnecessary spelling errors it will be DELETED - not corrected.
(Common courtesy, why should a moderator be wasting their time on something the poster could easily have done)

(As much as we prefer Australian/English and then English/English we will accept US/English)

Posters have the following options:

The Built in spell checker in the forum software

If you are using IE6/7/8
Use the Google Toolbar (which has an excellent spell checker) or IESpell or IE7 Pro (which are free)

If you use Firefox V2 - 3.54
There are 3 different English dictionaries available (US/English, UK/English, Australian/English)

If you are using Safari V3 - 4.04
Built in spell checker

If you are using Chrome
The Google spell checker is built in

Please do not use abbreviations in posts - unless the abbreviations (such as FMC, BIC) are in the site glossaries.These forums are not for text messaging  slang abbreviations such as i, u, ur, are NOT acceptable please use the correct I, you, your etc. Use the spelling dictionaries available, they will correct this type of error.

One liners
A reminder that one liner posts are NOT acceptable. Many members receive email notifications and a post that makes no sense 'in isolation' is not acceptable. These are forums NOT chat rooms.

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