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Solicitor holding funds in trust not providing fiduciary duties

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Property proceeds held , solicitor acting for one party only

Hi all

I have a perplexing situation. The marital home which was in one party's  name only was recently sold, and funds held by that party's solicitor. There was an application for caveat lodged, which said solicitor had removed. Since sale and mediation, instructions have been given to invest funds jointly by both parties.

Solicitor has taken instruction to pay legal fees including caveat removal out of these "matrimonial funds" as well as money invested on behalf of the client .

My issue is that this solicitor has failed to provide any details of these funds despite numerous requests. My thinking is that when there are matrimonial funds, to be invested by both the parties, then the solicitor should provide information to both parties upon request- in that he is acting for both parties by holding these funds?

What are my rights in this situation. Any info would be welcomed. Cheers
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