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Small deviations from orders?

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My question is: how do you think would this go down in court ?

My partners ex-husband sees their children once a fortnight. They stay fri and sat night. The children travel a very long distance.

We have a changeover tonight. Due to my work committments and the distance we have to travel we know that we will be 10-15 (20 if the kids get sick/need a toilet break) mins late. We have told him this but he refuses to accept any small change.

My wife will not go alone (and I won't let her) as she suffered terrible emotional abuse from this man over a very long period of time, so I am always with her for changeovers. She could have this backed up by a medical certificate if she needed.

Her ex one friday morning at about 10am sent an email informing us that he would not be picking up the children as he was moving that weekend and couldn't possibly make sure they would be safe. He did this with no consideration for us and told us he wouldn't have the children, he tried no type of negotiation at all.

My ex has tried negotiating with him for small changes every now and then, but mainly changes that would benefit the children and him, eg, minimizing the children's travel because we were already close to his residence for doctors appointments but he decided the children would have to travel the 1hr20mins to the changeover location and the 1hr 20 mins back to his residence ???

How do you think this type of situation would go in court if he put in a contravention against my wife?
As the burden of criminal proof applies to contraventions, I would be saying to the ex "good luck with that".

The magistrate would not be amused if he tried to contravene her for something like this.
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