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Judge Jarrett Circuit Court

Circuit Property Case

    Hi backmarker here   Just joined.  I have a search question.

  I want to find Judgements by Judge  M. Jarrett Circuit Court  and G.Egan circuit court.

 I have a difficult  Family Law Case in the Circuit Court. Property only.

   On the 30 April 2018 I have a callover  before Judge Jarrett

   On the 19 July I have a 2 day Final hearing before Judge Egan.

    I am up against it bigtime.

     Judge Jarrett seams tough , I have to get it right. I was looking for judgements to obtain an insight as to the judges reasoning.

  I need info as to Subponea and disclosure. for a start.

  Thanks  backmarker.
What searches have you done so far? Have you searched this site? Have you searched Austlii ?

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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