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Signing passport for kids

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Ex is developing relationship with bloke in UK

hi, My first time here…So here goes. I am online due to pressure from ex to sign passport so kids can go on holiday to Vietnam for 2 wks. I said yes to go, but have since found out ex has been developing serious relationship with bloke in UK. She used to know him ~11yrs ago - before our marriage & kids, divorce, etc. She says 'if anything, he will come live over here".   Am concerned/stressed that once passports are issued I have less/no leverage to keep them in the same city if she changes her mind.  Am I paranoid? Usually in women, love will win out, and if he does not come over she will want to go with kids (maybe). Else it could be 'holidays" for a couple months at a time. I have Consent Orders for regular access but nothing covering overseas holidays.  Would it be criminal to take them and would it be a hard road to get them back?  Again, waht are the risks.  So far we have managed by mutual mediation ourselves. For some reason this 2 week trip seemed more important than the $1500 out of pocket airfares losses. ta.   
          I was faced with a similar decision a little over a year ago and asked a similar question but for a different country. You may be interested in following this link Should I allow a tip to the USA. Obviously the country is different so you need to try to get information in regards to Vietnam. Also it has to be noted that the trip didn't actually go-ahead, not due to anything I did, although the child appeared to have been told that it not happening was my fault due to the restrictions I placed upon how long (something you perhaps need to be prepared for).

The use of the wording "temporary removal" was quite important as it made it clear that the agreement was not for a permanent change, not that I'm advocating using the method that I was going to. I do recall finding a court ruling/decision or some document that appeared to be centred around the permanence factor.

The health factors (check-ups), were really another issue.

I can understand the sort of difficulties and some of the stress that such a request puts you under.
sigh… my non inflamitory one liner got deleted… sorry word police, I was trying to help and have faced this issue… maybe dont delete one liners if they arent inflamitory in any way. My rant over.
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I was asking around what ages the children where,I think its highly relevant to the answer and relevant to if my issue is similar. But to get this over one line lets assume they are young, like under school age, if that is the case, then id say no right out, no negotiation. Their age along withif their heritage(ie: is your exoriginally from Vietnam) to me are factors, then I can give my 2 cents.
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