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Self Representation or Not ?

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First post so I have a lot to learn.

I am in a 50/50 shared arrangement and moved on from my ex.

However I wish to relocate intertstate with my new family and have recently served urgent initiating orders and had my matter heard within two days.

Received additional orders until I am back in court on duty list post Family consultant.

I was not happy with legal representation so have decided to do it myself and save my family going through the financial costs.

First questions: How do I go about amending my Iniatiating Orders (filed in Family Court of Australia)?

Is it as simple as submitting an'Application in a Case' form with additional affidavit?

Second question: Does anyone have a draft of what is expected when required to provide terms of reference to Family Consultant?

Thanks in advance.  Happy to do lots of legworkif pointed in right direction.
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