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Selective and Misleading Posts

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Posters who unintentionally or deliberately mislead other posters.

Posters who post very selective details, which may mislead responders and effectively wastes both their time and effort when they try to make a reasonable response.

Posters who deliberately withhold essential information, which misrepresents their case or circumstances and misleads other posters.

You are not being honest with yourself and you are misleading and wasting the time and effort of anyone that both reads and responds to your post.

Your post may be edited, deleted or moved to either Hyde Park Corner or the Devils Advocates forum. Alternatively the site moderators may temporarily or permanently ban you.

This has been posted on behalf of the site moderators who are aware of several posters that are deliberately misrepresenting and/or posting extremely selective accounts of their Court outcomes and making posts that are factually incorrect and misleading.

 Senior Site Moderator and Administrator
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Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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