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Section 68B Injunction, contravention proceedings & Form 4 Notice of Family Violence

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 In my final orders there is an order that the mother not bring a specific person into the vincinity of the children. This was violated a couple of weeks ago when that specific person was brought to a supervised visit set up by the mother so that she could see the children. That prohibited person then assaulted me in on a major Hobart street in the middle of peak hour traffic and, (thank to the wonders of modern technology!!!!!) on a city CCTV. So, in response, I sought restraint orders against the mother's thuggy friends, a Magistrates Court Family Violence Protection Order against the mother, assault charge against one of the thugs, assault charge against the mother, stalking charges against both the thuggy friends and a stalking charge against the mother.

In the Family Law Act, it sets out in several places that I have to inform the Family Court by way of lodging a Form 4 Notice of Child Abuse (the children saw the attack happen and had to be escorted to the car by the single police officer who attended, as the thugs would not leave without the childrens' mother) and Family Violence.  I would also like to file a Contravention application in relation to bringing the prohibited person into the vicinity of the children (as the prohibited person yelled at the children as the policeman walked them past her).  I would also like to consider an application for a 68B injunction.  Has anyone got any experience with how to go about applying for such an injunction.  Also, should it put them all in together.  I would like to serve them all at the same time, as the mother lives most of the year interstate and the cost of serving her is fairly obscene.
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