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Second marriage - Legal considerations

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Interested in otheres experience and my obligations legally when remarrying with respect to my children from first marriage

Hello everyone,

I'm new to this….

I have been blessed with the man of my dreams who would like to marry me (remarkable in itself). I have started reading wedding mags and getting very excited!

One of them includes an article which outlined the following "In a second marriage where children are involved, there may be legal considerations with respect to guardianship, inheritance and (for women) the name you can take. To find out more, seek advice from a family law solicisitor."

I have an equal parenting 50% custody orders with my ex-husband which has been in place for many years, there is no interest on behalf of my new partner or myself to change the childrens names or to achieve legal guardianship at all, I will be changing my name though.

Does anyone have any thoughts on the quote above or any experience in this area so I can perhaps avoid the likely expense of a meeting with a family law solicitor?


(Name withheld)

Moderator Note

'Guest' you have posted in different forums this morning from the same IP address, one as a Father and now this one as a Mother - is there a reason for this?
First visit with a family law solicitor is usually free. Ring a solicitor and ask if the visit is free before attending. In a will children should be mentioned by full name so as to stop any problems and you should make a new will after marriage as a matter of course. Public trustee can be exuter of a will and this done at a court house is also free.
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