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Parents dispute over the school the child should attend

Hi All,

Need some advice.

Current Orders for a 4 year old who will attend school in 2013. In the event that parents cannot agree to school mediation is ordered.

Parents separated 3 years ago and have had a 50/50 shared care Order.

Mother has repartnered and lives south of Sydney near her parents and the child currently attends preschool in the same suburb. Mother works in the Inner West about 10 minutes from the father.

Mother drives past the father house to work. About 40 minutes.

Father has'nt repartnered and lives in the Inner West. Father has same support network as mother (grantparents/friends)however, must drive some 40 minutes to preschool and the 1.5 hours to work.

Mother relies heavly o her parents to care for the child and is arguing that the child should attend school in the south so that her parents can collect child from school.

The father wants child to attend school in the Inner West, near both parents during the working week.

Mediation appointment has been made.

Although the father has been caring for the child for over 3 years, the mother is now claiming that his support network is weak.

No remarkable issues.No abuse etc.

There is only one case concerning this that has been found and it was in favour of the father.

How do you proove that you have the support network and that the distance is not in the best interests of the child?
This is a common problem. There are many cases relating to this which you will find through austli.

How to prove which is best? Focus on the positives of both suggestions, even before you go to mediation or even to court. Really think about what will be the best for the child. That will include many many things, however the benefits to either parent do not count.

Some things will include friends going to the same school, close to other activities, reputation of the school, opportunities for secondary school(eg affiliations with other school). Every case is different so other judgements will give you an idea but not a set plan. 

This, like everything else comes down to what will be best for the child.

"When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside can not hurt you"

Executive of SRL-Resources
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