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Ex stopping me seen my boys.

G,day All, Will my ex is stopping me from seen my boys (7-8 years). I payed for 2 return air  tickets for for my boys to fly from Townsville to Sydney - RTN for Xmas 2011. She refused to put my boys on the plane. Now, she tell everyone that she doesn't stop me seen my boys yet……                              when i fly up to see the, she refuse the boys to spend time with me, Wont let me have time with them alone, and have to get permission with her and her family to see them. I pay CSA and call them every Sunday in witch I'm luck to talk to them. She tell me the boys don't know how i am, i don't know there routines, likes-dislikes etc. My ex is a control freak and has to have everything.

My problem is, I'm not untitled to legals add, as i ern to much and cant afforded Lawyer. My Younger Son what to live with me, but she keeps brainwashing them.

What can i do when you have no rights and or $$$$
Mate sounds tough, what you need to do is to start a log book of all occurences, document all evidence such as phone calls, letters, emails, go to a family relationship center and book in for mediation and request she do the same so you can start the legal ball rolling. Once you have done that seek legal advice, many legal aid offices, and even the community family canter have free lagal advice nights where you can talk to lawyers regarding you position. These were the first steps in my journey and it's a long road Im not even a fraction of the way there. After all this is done start putting away money to pay a lawyer and shop around! Also start thinking about taking some courses such as shared parenting (lifeline offers a good one) and practical parenting courses these sorts of things actually will help in the long run and will go some way to proving your commitment as a parent. Good Luck buddy I know exactly how you feel never lose sight of your prize and above all keep your cool! Never ever give her a reason to put you in position to get a dvo or any evidence against you that would look untoward in a court room.

They are understanding.

Executive Member of SRL-Resources, the Family Law People on the site (Look for the Avatars).   Be mindful what you post in the public areas. 

You haven't mentioned whether you have approached a private solicitor or community one for some advice, or if you have thought about going to Court for consent orders?

I agree with Proudfather.

Before going to Court now the parties need to attend mediation - look up community justice centres or family mediation, or the Family Court can direct you - and if a party refuses to attend they must show cause as to why.

It is also a good idea to keep your phone bills and highlight all calls made to the children; copies of air tickets and receipts etc. These can be presented in Court. Any correspondence to the other parent too, and this is useful to have in writing….

And, try to keep your cool at all times, do not give the other parent any reason to use against you.

Good luck.

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