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review of orders

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A bit new at this
I thought that final orders meant just that, in my situation our orders were agreed on and signed through legal reps and processed in court. Now the other party is saying the orders will be reviewed because they do not mean what they should (more simply he has not and will not comply with them). Where as I have abide by them as i want things to settle for my child and life form a stable routine.Now I feel on tender hooks again because the other party does not agree with what he had agreed to six months ago. There was numerous correspondence between both parties on the particular issue so both parties fully understood what the final orders meant. Is there a possibility I will end going through this all again even though things were done properly the first time ?
Hi Happyjane

i'm no expert, but there is a precedent of Rice & Asplund that basically says there must be a significant change in circumstances for the matter to be heard again in court.

Unless the orders are not clearly written, then I see no reason why the matter should go back to court.  

Were the orders written up by a lawyer at the time?  are they clear in what is stated? or is there room for "mis-interpretation"?

If the orders are clear and the other party is stating they wish to go back to court, do some research on "rice & asplund" and other related cases.  The Austlii database should return some hits if you search for that precedent.



How long ago were the final orders made. If very recent you have a range of rules (slip) etc. that can be applied.

Can you provide the single order (The one item order NOT THE WHOLE SET) that is problematic and the revised order the other side wants so we can see the differences.

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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