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Reuniting Father and long lost children

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Reuniting Father and long lost children

Not sure whether this got posted, but I recently found and made contact with my husbands children from a previous marriage that he has not had contact with in over 10 years.  The eldest in 18 and the youngest is 15.

We live in NSW ~10hrs from them  in Vic.  The eldest is planning a trip and we would also like to arrange a visit with the youngest.  The mother has sole custody and we are not expecting to have a positive outcome with her.  My husband has not had any contact with her in all this time, and it was a messy and nasty break up.

We do not want to make any trouble, just an opportunity to see the girls.  How do you think that we go about this?
The 18 yo is an adult so she can do what she likes and you will probably find she will influence her younger sister who is of an age to decide where she can live if not with her mother. At those ages the practical application of a Sole Parental Responsibility order would have no effect on the girls. Just let it all happen naturally and the mother will probably have some issues to deal with herself and hopefully not through the girls.
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