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Hi to all,

My ex wife has called me up last night saying " I want to move to XXXX". xxxx is another 4.5 hrs from where i live now. i currently get my daughter every second week for fri night, saturday, saturday night and sunday (consent orders).

My daughter is 3 1/2 years old and of course loves both mum and dad, but i feel this move will alienate myself my family and her family also from my little girls life.

I asked why she wants to move and she told me that its for better job opertunities and better a TAFE campus "Better job oppurtunities and TAFE is worth moving you daughter 7 hrs away i asked" she replied with "yes and i am applying for a relocation order.

I thought this cant be right and figured she must have meet someone there but she assured me she didn't ( i wish she had cause it would have been a better excuse)

I have called relationships australia and have organised mediation but i am finding it hard to come up with a resonable excuse to let her move.

Surely this move could not be seen as being in the best interests of the child even if she had a boyfriend living in xxxx.

your help and advise and even opinions will be gratefully recieved.
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