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You have agreed to follow the site rules and moderator policies when you joined this site. This is a brief list of some rules and details of site operation.

Please do not use abbreviations in posts - unless the abbreviations (such as FMC, BIC) are in the site glossaries. These are forums NOT chat rooms and are not for text messaging type slang. Abbreviations such as i, u, ur, are NOT acceptable please use the correct I, you, your etc.
If you want an abbreviation added to the sites glossaries please email

One liners
A reminder that one liner posts are NOT acceptable. Many members receive email notifications and a post that makes no sense 'in isolation' is not acceptable. These are forums NOT chat rooms.

Spell Checking
Moderators will no longer correct spelling errors in posts. The site has a built in spell checker, Firefox has both Australian and Australian/UK dictionaries available, Google also provides a US spell checker. If a post contains unnecessary spelling errors it will be DELETED (Common courtesy, why should a moderator be wasting their time on something the poster could easily have done)

Editing your post
You have a short time window of 5 to 30 minutes depending on other post volumes and site indexing. After your edit time window has expired you cannot take further actions on your post.

Deleting your post(s)
Deleting a post often results in a spaghetti style and very confusing thread for site readers as responses appear to be made to a nonexistent post. A site user cannot usually delete their own post. Be aware that siteadmin will NOT normally delete any posts even if you request it as this affects other users who have genuinely responded to a post.

Double Posts
Double posts (consecutive posts) are not allowed as this enables a poster to create a mini blog and monopolise a topic or thread. You need a reply after your post before you can re post in that thread  
If you start a new thread to continue your post (topic) the moderators regard this double post (a form of blogging) If you engage in this behaviour your posts will be deleted
Note:  Site Moderators can double post.

Selective and Misleading Posts
Do not post selective details or deliberately withhold essential information, which effectively misrepresents your case or circumstances and which misleads responders and effectively wastes both their time and effort when they try to make a reasonable response.

Your Question may have already been answered
This site contains a wealth of information and a little time researching and reading through the site may provide your answer. You may receive a less than reasoned response if you ask a question that has been answered many times before.

 Senior Site Moderator and Administrator
I don't agree with deleting posts because of spelling errors. The fact is not everyone even knows how to install the add on packs for firefox… Many people coming here are distressed and in a hurry, many are not English speaking as their first language and often make mistakes and grammar.

As you should be well aware the site has assisted hundreds if not thousands of posters… many have not been great spellers and I can think of dozens of posts that seriously need help.

This is not an elitist site for the upper class echelons of Grammar schools and Harvard university. There are many disadvantaged people here and I personally don't expect each and every one to be a Harvard Graduate in English Literacy.

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
 Was my post helpful? If so, please let others know about the FamilyLawWebGuide whenever you see the opportunity

Check the Glossaries before you use abbreviations or acronyms

I have noticed that some acronyms are creeping in that are not included in the Glossaries.

Things such as DS, NCP, OP etc. Whilst these may be accepted on parenting forums, they are not acceptable here, especially in view of the word c u s t o d y being banned from this site.

If you wish to use acronyms throughout your post, then please have the courtesy of explaining it first, before you use it again, as you would in letters to other people. For example, my Dear Son(DS), blah blah blah. My DS yadda yadda. Although it would probably be better just to say our child throughout your post instead of using DS.

I know that we have been using CSA, CTE and COA through a lot of posts, and currently these are not in the Glossaries. Would it be possible to have these included as acceptable acronyms?
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