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Question of judicial conduct

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Hi All.
I'm just new to all this and wasn't sure exactly where to post this.

I'm looking for some information advice on judicial conduct.

A very close friend of mine was fairly recently at court. I attended as support.

I was amazed (not sure if that is the right word) with how the magistrate behaved. In this particular case the magistrate was rather flippant about abuse in the household, made jokes about my friends heritage with the other side and was really rude and I felt really out of line the way he acted.

My friend, due to many things (mainly cost and being completely drained and over run by the whole ordeal) did not appeal. What can be done about this ? I think the orders are terrible and were based on the rulings of a magistrate who was not really quite  performing as one would think he should. He has now been stood down for a number of bad decisions he made (it may now be obvious who this is without naming).

What advice/help can be offered. Ta in advance.

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If you are in NSW Section 15 of the Judicial Officers Act 1986 (NSW) ("the Act";) provides for receipt by the Judicial Commission of complaints concerning the conduct of the Judicial Officers which "may concern the ability or behaviour of a judicial officer".

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If the orders are terrible than focus on that. An Order that does not work is grounds for variation. But you need to apply the order in the meantime, whenever possible.  

Try these


I have witnessed some unacceptable behaviour my self.

Perhaps a complaint to Family law services feedback and complaints form

is in order, I found;

The Family Law Courts encourage feedback to assist them improve their services.

A complaint may be made by any person, even if they are not a party in a case. Complaints will be dealt with in accordance with court policies and the appropriate legislation, including the Family Law Act 1975 and the Privacy Act 1988.

For more information about how to give feedback or make a complaint, see the publication Complaints and feedback.

Client Service Officer
National Enquiry Centre
Family Law Courts
1300 352 000

to be very helpful.

I found a Meg at to be obstructive, unhelpful and offensive.

I hope this helps, good luck.   :)

If you don't get any joy try Australian Human Rights Commission | everyone, everywhere, everyday and
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