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Psych Report Costs

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It has been ordered by a Judge that my ex and I see a court appointed psychiatrist at the first day of the LAT Trial (yes the plot thickens!)

Now whilst we have both agreed to this, the costs (5-11k) is something I know we both cannot afford. That is just for the report alone.

Would we be able to get our own psychiatrist? As long as we both agree?
I am assuming you refer to a family report? If so is it a forensic report or an issues report for an interim hearing?

If there is a court order for a particular Psyc then it has to be them. If there is provision for one to be agreed on as a single expert then it can be done. The cost for a report should be around $3000, $1500-each.

"When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside can not hurt you"

Executive of SRL-Resources
Orders state "…..Chapter 15 Court Expert (Child & Family Psychiatrist) should be appointed but availability is still being explored and application will be forwarded to me in chambers for making an order when this is done."

The ICL has sent me a letter giving details of how much each of the two psychaitrists charge along with availability.
This would then be a family report. 5K is expensive. There should be provision for a report writer by agreement. The ICL will probably have to agree also.

"When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside can not hurt you"

Executive of SRL-Resources
Another one? The family report was done nearly a year ago by the family consultant at court.
This new report is for a particular issue in dispute/of concern. 5k was the small amount for the psychaitrist available at a later date. The psychaitrist that the ICL prefers, is 11k!
I don't understand why it costs soooo much. Surely we (my ex and I) should be able to agree on another psychaitrist who would not charge this much for a report!
Patronus said
This would then be a family report. 5K is expensive. There should be provision for a report writer by agreement. The ICL will probably have to agree also.

Sorry to be picky but… a 'Family Report' is written by a Family Consultant empowered by Regulation 7 of the Family Law Regulations.

A 'Part 15 Single Expert Witness' generates an 'Expert Witness Report' not a 'Family Report'.

In Iamnotanna's matter - these is controversy regarding a 'bi-polar disorder' diagnosis. Iamnotanna has stop talking the prescribed medication because it didn't agree with her. And fair enough. She knows her body. But hence the problem.

Dr Rickard-Bell's been suggested. 'bi-polar disorders' are not his area of specialisation.

In any event - in my opinion - a Part 15 process is not the appropriate vehicle through which a proper assessment can be contacted.

In Iamnotanna matter, I have a problem with any terms of reference for a Part 15 expert whereby the expert was given the task of making in effect a 'diagnosis on the run' through a Family Court process.

The report will be for the following (with Dr Rikard-Bell)


1.   That Dr Christopher Rikard-Bell be appointed by the Court pursuant to Rule 15.45 of the Family Court Rules to enquire into and report on matters relating to the welfare of the child ……… (DOB …..), including but not limited to:-

a)   An assessment of the mothers and fathers mental health;
b)   An assessment if the impact of either parents mental health of their parenting capacity;
c)   Any wishes expressed by the child and any factors (such as the childs maturity or level of understanding) that would affect the weight that the Court should place on those wishes;

d)   The nature of the relationship between the child with each of the childs parents and with significant other persons;

e)   The likely affect of any changes in the childs circumstances, including the likely effect on the children of any separation from:-

i.   Either of the parents; or

ii.   Any other child, or significant person, with whom the child has been living with.

f)   The practical difficulty and expense of the child spending time with a parent and whether that difficulty or expense will substantially affect the childs right to maintain personal relations and direct contact with both parents on a regular basis;

g)   The capacity of each parent, or of any other person, to provide for the needs of the child, including emotional and intellectual needs;

h)   The childs maturity, sex and cultural background and any other characteristics of the child that the reporter thinks are relevant to the childs welfare;

i)   Any physical or psychological abuse that the child has been or is likely to be subjected;

j)   Any ill treatment, family violence or other abusive behaviour that is directed toward a member of the childs family, extended family or significant person and the likely impact of this on the child;

i.   Each parents attitude to the children, and to the responsibilities of parenthood;

ii.   Any other matter considered relevant by the said expert.

2.   That the remuneration of the expert be the current Legal Aid Scale for Child Psychiatrists in separate representation matters.

3.   That the parties shall bear equally the responsibility for payment of the costs of the Expert unless they have been granted a waiver to contribution by the Legal Aid Commission of New South Wales.

4.   That leave be granted to the Independent Childrens Lawyer to photocopy any documents produced pursuant to subpoenas and provide a copy of the same to the expert.

Sounds more like a family report??
Whatever it is, it is more comprehensive than the original one that we had.
Hopefully we can get some kind of resolution to the matter.
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